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Max User(GS,GSCS): 20
These files are for the purpose of using for testing and sample of our files, we do not support the free version. Any report can be done by discord and will be fixed.
These files have 3 shops, to create max stores. MuServer/KG_Data/Shops
License Purchase:

Edit Server IP
MuServer/1. ConnectServer/ServerList.dat

Edit Client IP
Generate MainInfo.exe
we enter the Client folder generated in client_config, copy the files and
In the free version these files are pasted into the client folder, where they have the main.exe

Server ON
Execute MuOnline.reg or MuOnline(64).reg
Restore the database name MuOnlineS6
Execute Emulators (ConnectServer,JoinServer,DataServer,GameServer,GameServerCS)

Do you have a problem of disconnection when logging? Check if it is by your customername or generates ENC,DEC Client/Muserver


Update 1:
- New Button in Close Custom Store
- Sistem Post Item + new X,Y cord in interface
- Sistem Animations in select Char
- Change Copyright select server
- New item.ico interfaces emulator + getmaininfo.
- Sistem Right Click Mouse
- New Lorencia interface
- New Noria interface
- Select Server interface x700
- Select Char interface S13
- New Interface S6 (select server, select char)
- Generator PremiumKG + getmaininfo
- Add +5 Plugins (getmaininfo)
- Add - use inventory on MuHelper
- Desactivado MuError[cliente]
- Repair Anti-Inject ds,js
- Optimization to local folder (Text.bmd, Movereq.bmd, Item.bmd) in Local
- Master Skill (A) New Interface + Functions!
- Fix kriss Lag
- Optimization to local folder (Skill.bmd, SocketItem.bmd, Dialog.bmd, Quest.bmd) in Local
- New balance PVP
- Speed balance.
- F4 (time on, time off)
- F5 (minimap on, minimap off)
- Fix RF /attack
- Acelerador graficos ARP + FPS

Update 2:
- Add CustomGloves
- Fix CustomWings
- Add CustomChatX700 (GetMainInfo - (1 on, 0 off))
- Add LimitTradeZen (GetMainInfo - (1 = 999,999,999, 0 = 99,999,999))
- Fix Rings
- CustomDowngrade(Helper,Gens,TabMap,XShop,Menu(U),LuckyItem,MapList(M) - (1: On, 0: Off))
- Interface Downgrade 99
- Fix Custom Monster Killed
- Fix Chat interface
- Fix RF skill
- Remove Inventory Text
- Add custom Pet
- Fix refresh {customwings,pets,etc..}

Update 3:
- Fix Pet teleport / Ring Monsters
- Cambiar Select S13 para S6 y Downgrade
- CustomFont adicionado!
- CustomElfSoldier adicionado!
- Master Skill [ADD] Dark Horse defense reparado.
- Lenguaje [eng,spn,por] adicionado [GS/GSCS] - [data/util/translate].
- CloseGame ( - On/Of = [GS/GSCS] - Common.dat
- Fix Rank Titles
- Adicionado para Downgrade CustomDowngradeButtonD
- Adicionado Interface [s2,s3] custominterfacetype = 4
- Adicionado fuente de letras [cliente - settings.ini]
- Modificado [NpcName(%)] a la carpeta [./data/local/NpcName.txt]
- Deshabilitado CustomMonster [Desde Main/MainInfo -> En up4 On]

Update 4:
- Change Name Server [on,of + names (maininfo)]
- Add Info Player [windows]
- New Disables for Downgrade [97,S2,S3]
- Adicionado CustomMonster
- Liberacion de Mapas [GS,GSCS,Main]
- WindowsInfo downgrade, upgrade
- Adicionado [RTT - FPS] windows Info [maininfo]
- TimeBar modificado coord[X] - Para Downgrade,upgrade
- Reparado ServerTime [maininfo]
- Fix Maps Interface x700
- Fix Dl Skill Interface x700
- Fix Box Skill Interface x700
- Elf Soldier Quests

Update 5:
- Audio on/off event
- Fix auto move from Icarus if dinorant/fenrir died
- Fix Invasion Dragon Red
- Fix Invasion Golden Dragon
- adicionado Golden Monster
- Adicionado Block [K] en el PersonalShop para Downgrade
- Adicionado Block [K] en el Baul para downgrade
- Adicionado Zyron Quest
- Adicionado Block [H] Button in inventory
- Adicionado Block Expand Inventory
- BOT Alquimist System
- Fix TvT event

Update 6:
- Reparación de mapas custom + music [client]
- Fix Maps custom [CS/CSGS]
- Downgrade disable effect items full +15
- Adicionado CustomNPCItems
- Fix Dark Horse look around
- Adicionado Quest Marlon Teleport
- Reparación de chaos machine
- Opcion a remover Select char Animations
- Adicionado Premio por tiempo online [WC,WP,GP]
- Adicionado al [translate] mensajes de alquimista [Linea 873 a 887]
- Fix Move Items
- Adicionado Item Position [Main|MainInfo]

Update 7:
- Fix Custom Items Guard(1,2) Names
- Adicionado Custom Stats Info
- Sistema Custom Smith Item
- Sistema Custom LuckyWheel
- Removida [ImgBox(ESC)] para downgrade. [97,s2,s3]
- Adicionada [Sombra de items] Downgrade[97,s2,s3]
- Adicionado [SmithItem, LuckyWheel]-> Menu Custom
- Adicionado [Translate Text SmithItem, LuckyWheel [GS/GSCS]]
- Adicionado [Custom Menu Options s6 + upgrade]
- Adicionado [Custom Menu Options downgrade]
- Fix Custom NPC Names
- Adicionado [Draw FPS en pantalla + Menu Op]

Update 8:
- Adicionado Remover battle zone [M] maininfo.ini
- Adicionado Remover Interface text [socket op, set op] maininfo.ini
- Fake button [D]
- Adicionado Camera [Main.dll] [F9:ON,F10:OFF]
- Adicionado ChatExpand
- Adicionado Menu Options Keyboard [F4]
- Sistema ModelEffect 100% [OffMap: ChaosCastle[1-7],ValleyOfLoren,LandOfTrials]
- PetEffect Static [Base]
- PetEffect Dynamic[Base]
- PetSize
- Fix barra negra en Mapa Swamp [56] [InterfaceType(2)]
- Removido Button Hiden Chat [InterfaceType(2)]
- Movida [Y] Buttons + [InterfaceType(2)]
- Fix martillo [InterfaceType(2)]
- Adicionado draw exp [InterfaceType(2)] %%
- Fix Block Mouse Menus [InterfaceType(2)]
- Removido Text bloodcastle 8[level master] downgrade
- Removido Button bloodcastle 8[level master] downgrade
- Removido [U menu -> Gens,TabMap] downgrade
- Removido Devil Square Downgrade [level master]
- Removido Chaos Castle downgrade [level master]

Update 9:
- Opción a remover [SelectServerX700] por uso de [World74,Object74] para SelectCharS13
- Adicionado CustomBow - CustomCrossBow
- Fix [PetBoxLife] - Quedaba ensima del text de cantidad de flechas [ELF]
- Adicionado Icono Windows Client.
- Adicionado MuHidden [F12].
- Adicionado Icono al MuHidden [F12]
- Adicionado CustomCloak Animations.
- Fix Refresh CustomCloaks.
- Fix CustomCloak en ModelEffect online.
- Fix BackGround Logo
- Fix PetEffect [Beta]
- Fix Speed Attack Visual [Main.dll]
- Adicionada para aparecer Dragon Flying solo en Map de la Invasion
- Fix Dragon Flying Dragon Atlans
- Fix Remover Flying Dragon Al terminar
- Fix [Update Crédits use Alchemist]
- Fix [Update Crédits buy Smith Item]
- Fix [Update Crédits use LuckyWheel]
- Fix [ItemToolTip]
- Fix [Positioning of skills information [downgrade]]
- Fix [(D) Buttón in downgrade bar [downgrade]]
- Fix [Slide Text moved (Y)Coord from the top to bottom downgrade mode]
- Modification in the Copyright of the SelectServer
- Start MuHelper [Mouse button center]
- Configuration's Active/Desactive MuHelper Click Mouse button center [MainInfo.ini "CustomNews"]
- Configuration's in Camera [MainInfo.ini (ZoomMin,ZoomMax,RotationSensivility) "Camera"]
- Optimized BotAlquimista(Many codes that were not used and among other errors.)
- Fix Auto Disable CustomAttack when vip is over.
- Fix Auto Disable AutoReset when vip is over.
- Add command [/setpk <Player>] Command line 82.
- Fix [Button[D] MenuCustom (Open/Close in button)]
- XML library integration
- Sistem Anti-Flood [IP]
- Sistem UnBan Anti-Flood [IP]
- Modification in the GameServer interface.
- Fix Stats Info values.
- Modification in the Stats Info Interface.
- Modifications in PetEffect Files [CustomPetEffectStatic|CustomPetEffectDynamic] - Beta
- CustomMove[No-Limit] Modification of the code and new functions. [Custom/CustomMove.xml]
- Fix in the structure of MarlonTeleport, It was sending incompatibility errors.
- Bot Alchemist Fully fixed [Custom/BotSystem/BotAlquimista.xml]
- SmithItem Fully fixed [Custom/SmithItem/SmithItem.xml]
- LuckyWheel Fully fixed [Custom/LuckyWheel.xml]
- Repair problems with the use of the King of Mu event.
- Custom options for pets! [Custom/CustomPet.xml]
- System CustomMix [Custom/CustomMix.xml]
- Fix Camera Lag.
- Add Unicode Support [0-9A-Za-z] [On|Off MainInfo.ini].
- Fix Change Items [Marlon,Guard1,Guard2]
- Fix CustomCloak textures.
- Change (client/data/custom/rf) folder to (client/data/item)
- Added anti-hack [beta] testing system. [MainInfo.ini (on,off)]
- Change (client/data/custom/pet) folder to (client/data/item)

Update 10:
-Add RespawnLocation.
-Add EffectPet [MainInfo] (UP9).
-Fix Item Position (UP9)
-Fix speed in wings (UP9).
-Fix duplicate of wings/capas (UP9).
-Fix refresh/equip of mini wings / mini capes (UP9).
-Fix duplicate of capes [dl, mg] (UP9).
-Fix refresh Unequip [wings, capes] (UP9).
-Fix Custom Wings on ModelEffect. (UP9).
-Add CustomStartItem
-Fix Exp+[Baul] (Upgrade)
-Add New System Pet Types.
-Add New Custom Pet Types Animations [Select Char Interface]
-Fix StatsInfo.
-Add BuffTime.
-Add Mov Windows Obj.
-Mod Coord [X] party bar. [Upgrade]
-Add New MacroUI. [Upgrade]
-Fix [Time MuHelper (ON-OFF)].
-Fix mov in Custom Menu OPTIONS.
-Add MonsterGlow to MainInfo (beta).
-Mod CustomMonster to [XML].
-Add Function Monster Skill [1].
-Fix Dark Raven (it was like shield).
-Fix Attack [ON-OFF(UP9)].
-Fix CustomCombo flood[gs/gscs].
-Fix [F4(menuopciones),F5(menutype4)] using of ChatWindows.
-Add New Interface (PostItem <Upgrade>).
-Fix UnEquiped Wings [Right click] Map Icarus.
-Mod BotBufer to [XML].
-Add condition ["enable (true, false)"] BotAlquimista.xml
-Mod in transfer of options [Alchemist].
-Mod CustomTOP to XML.
-Mod [CustomWings,MixWings] to CustomWing [XML].
-Mod CustomArena to XML.
-Add use NPC Custom.
-Fix crash NPC Custom.
-Mod Interface ItemToolTip.
-Mod [SmithItem,ShopItem] -> [Type 0, Type 1]
-Add Damage Attack CustomPet.
-Fix Size of Pets in SelectChar.
-Mod Party Windows for [10 Players+Interface Client].
-Mod New Windows [Upgrade(Custom && Original)].
-Add Marriage System [XML].
-Add SwitchServer [Upgrade].
-Fix Block Cursor CustomMaps.
-Fix MasterSkill Add Points.
-Add PetRecovery [custom/CustomPet.xml]
-Div Interfaces ON(UP10) <Original, Upgrade, Downgrade>
-Add EarthQuake Effect.
-Fix DeleteChar.
-Fix Drop Items [the items fell like jewels]
-Fix PostItem [Fix Crash <Original, Upgrade>]
-Fix Jewel Custom.
-Obfuscation of texts.

Update 11:
-Fix inv Cursor x803 [ACC,SOCKET]
-Fix Stun move
-Fix Switch character al morir
-Fix Custom Jewel aplly on Arrow/Bolt
-Fix Trade Bug
-Fix Party Bug
-Add Duel Bet + Máx Score.
-Add Custom Pet Shades.
-Add New Options [Menu Custom Options (UI[UPGRADE])]
-Add New Option [Crate Stats (StartItem)
-Add Disable Buttons [Menu Custom - MainInfo]
-Fix GodMode hack.
-Off Mouse in MapTab
-Fix MasterSkill Points
-Fix Gm Wing on blood castle

Update 12:
-Fix item(0,41) in repair.
-Add News Windows (UPGRADE)
-Fix RankUser in GameMaster
-Fix Trade in BOTS (PROBLEM UP11 - FIX IN UP12)(ALL)
-Add Unlock Limit Use SeniorMix (GSCS - Event.dat)
-Fix Check Spectador Duel
-Reorganization of Pet Options(CustomPet.xml)
-Add Reset Acumulation After Kill (GSCS - Event.dat)
-Fix Increases zen 30% set-
-Fix LuckyWheel message global
-Add Get Crown Time Castle Siege (GSCS - Event.dat)
-Fix DL Summon Party (PK)
-New MoveSummon change to XML. (move/MoveSummon.xml)
-Add Disable Shop (PK) [0 enable, 1 disable](Common PK Settings)
-Fix Zen Dupe in windows.
-Fix Reset Remove Zen
-Add ESCAPE UI (Effect Limitation)
-Fix DropLevelPK
-Add Pk Drop Item by map Option - update MapManager
-Fix All Windows Title {CoordY} NewUI (UPGRADE)
-Fix MUHelper in use.
-Add CastleSiege Get Crown rank guild (CSCS - Event.dat [Master 128, Assistant 64...])
-Add BKCombo Push Effect [0 disable, 1 enable](GameServerInfo - Skill.dat)
-Fix PartyBar in NewUI Character (Upgrade)
-Fix Draw Buff Icon.
-Fix Interface MuHelperConf in NewUI All Windows(UPGRADE)
-Fix All Titles {New CoordY} NewUI (UPGRADE)
-Fix CastleSiegeDamageRate
-Fix Focus in newUI (UPGRADE)
-Fix BuffIcon Add Info
-Add MultiWare (Classic, Upgrade(Normal, NewUI))

Update 13:
-Add SkyEvent
-Add News Windows (NewUI) (Upgrade)
-Fix Ram GameServer,GameServerCS
-Add HappyEvent(Drop, NormalExp, MasterExp)
-Add SwampEvent
-Fix Resolution 640x480
-Add ItemToolTip
-Add TextToolTip
-Add character name above the character
-Add MaxMonster (10000)
-Fix Equip CustomPet (It was not displayed when equipping it on another screen.)
-Add PartyBar Upgrade
-Add PartyBarType (Classic, Upgrade)[maininfo.ini]
-Upd SetItemOption(Upgrade, Classic){New Version}
-Add Downgrade UI
-Add Downgrade Chat Windows
-Mod Downgrade Pet Bar <CoordX, CoordY>
-Add 380° Select Character <Classic, Downgrade>
-Add Protection emulators, client
-Fix Moviments UI
-Fix Other titles NewUI Upgrade
-Add MoveOriginal Windows <BetaTest OFF>
-Del AntiFlood.ini
-New GameServer(PVP,CS)/data/GameServerInfo - Hack.dat
-Add Enable,Disable AntiFlood GameServerInfo - Hack.dat
-Add MiniMap v2
-Add Move MiniMap
-Add New ToolTip in button, circle UI <upgrade>
-Add MiniMapType {normal, customv1,customv2} <MainInfo.ini>
-Fix Dark Spirit on first and second screen.
-Fix SM skill in second secren RF.
-Add MoveOriginal ChaosBox
-Fix RotateDamage Camera
-Fix Cursor Move NewUI

Update 14:
-Fix SetItemOption Max 254
-Add SumonScroll.
-Add ResetReward <Coin> <Items>
-Fix Lucky Wheel use in Inventory Full.
-Fix CustomArena class (error up11)
-Fix Equip Seals (Right Click).
-Add SkillDamage <MuServer/data/skill/SkillDamage/xml>
-Add Check CRC (Client) <GameServer/data/GameServerInfo - Hack.dat>
-Add System Custom Jewel Upgrade.
-Add <ShopItemTimePeriod>(Common.dat) Block the sale of items in the store with a period of time.
-Add JewelsBank System (New Query > MuServer/Sql/SQL KG-Emulator [2021]).
-Add Custom Flags (test system). <Disable>
-Add (CustomMixSpecial.xml)+<EventItemBag> on [Custom.dat > (CustomMixType)]
-Add "ItemAcc" to give items with acc option in <MuServer/Data/Custom/CustomStartItem.xml>
-Add <ResetReward>            (Message: 919 - 921)
-Add <Movereq>                (Message: 922 - 924)
-Add <Acheron>                (Message: 925 - 926)
-Add <ShopItemTimePeriod>     (Message: 927)
-Add <ShopGame>               (Message: 928 - 933)
-Add ShopSearch System <MuServer/data/Npc/NpcShopSearch.xml>.
-Add PartySearch System <MuServer/data/Npc/NpcPartySearch.xml>.
-Add ShopGame <MuServer/data/Npc/NpcShopGame.xml>
-Add Custom NPCMove Requierements <MuServer/data/Npc/NpcRequierement.xml>.
-Add Custom Acheron Entrace <MuServer/data/Npc/NpcAcheron.xml>
-Add Acheron     Interface <All>.
-Add Anti-Lag    Interface <Classic>.
-Add PartySearch Interface <All>.
-Add JewelsBank  Interface <All>.
-Add ShopSearch  Interface <All>.
-Add ShopGame    Interface <All>.
-Add PostItem    Interface <Classic>.
-Fix White Boots when evolve.
-Mov Upgrade Windows Title PersonalShop(Screen[2])
-Fix Blocking of items with period of time in PostItem.
-Add Advanced status (next, prev) button <Upgrade>.
-Fix Disable/Enable StaticEffect (Anti-Lag) <All>.
-Fix disabling selected character s13, interfaces are left blank. <Upgrade>
-Add tooltip textures for custom interfaces in classic <Client/data/custom/tool/>
-Fix Print resolution 1360x768
-Fix Camera in Map id(62)
-Fix DropSize Kundums Box.
-Add Libs Lua.
-Add SetNameColor  (Lua)
-Add ChatTextColor (Lua).
-Add Modification of the news system for downgrade.
-Fix Size of notice.
-Add MainInfo/Custom/SceneCharacter.txt
-Add MainInfo/Custom/CustomMessage.txt [Line: 29 to 43 and Line: 69 to 161]
-Add MainInfo.ini (KeySystem)    <ActiveKeyJ> for JewelsBank.
-Add MainInfo.ini (Custom)       <EnableJewelsBankButton> for JewelsBank on Menu.
-Add MainInfo.ini (Unicode)      <China_Lang_Enable> for Enable Lang China.
-Add MainInfo.ini (Scene)        <SelectCharS13> for enable Select Character S13 in all versions.
-Add MainInfo.ini (MainInfo)     <AntiHack> for plugin AntiHack(dll).
-Add MainInfo.ini (MainInfo)     <One_Main_Open> for open max 1 main.exe.
-Add MainInfo.ini (Custom)       <EnablePartySearchButton> button MenuGame.
-Add MainInfo.ini (Upgrade)      <UpgradeToolTip> (0: Original, 1: Upgrade, 2: S15)
-Add MainInfo.ini (Upgrade)      <UpgradeWindowsOption> for NewUI Option System.
-Add MainInfo.ini (Upgrade)      <UpgradeMsgBox> for all MsgBox Main Upgrade Frame && Buttons.
-Add MainInfo.ini (Lua)          <KG_EnableNameColor> for use (Data/Custom/Lua/Color/NameColor.lua)
-Add MainInfo.ini (Lua)          <KG_EnableChatColor> for use (Data/Custom/Lua/Color/ChatColor.lua)
-Add MainInfo.ini (Npc_ShopGame) <KG_ShopGame_Menu_Zen> use Zen in Menu ShopGame.
-Add MainInfo.ini (Npc_ShopGame) <KG_ShopGame_Menu_WcoinC> use WcoinC in Menu ShopGame.
-Add MainInfo.ini (Npc_ShopGame) <KG_ShopGame_Menu_WcoinP> use WcoinP in Menu ShopGame.
-Add MainInfo.ini (Npc_ShopGame) <KG_ShopGame_Menu_GPoint> use GPoint in Menu ShopGame.
-Add MainInfo.ini (Downgrade)    <DowngradeMoveNotice> change of coordinate (Y) from notice to downgrade.

Update 15:
-Add New Menu Options.
-Del "SD" HealthBar Downgrade(99)
-Add Gate +1024 Lines.
-Add MiniMap in downgrade (MainInfo type(3) = disable)
-Add <MonsterHPBar> Settings.ini
-Fix PostItem <ItemLucky>
-Fix PostItem problem with long name items.
-Add MiniMapType (0) Arena texture.
-Fix RF DarkSide attack.
-Add UIRuud.
-Add MuunInventory System.
-Add <KG_MenuOption_Enable> MainInfo.ini
-Add <ActiveKeyY> MainInfo.ini
-Add <UpgradeTextSystem> MainInfo.ini
-Add <KG_OfflineHelper_Enable> MainInfo.ini
-Add EnableItemLevel_14 [1 Enable Combine +14, 0 Disable combine <Max +13>] - ChaosMix.dat
-Fix ResetReward Check Inventory.
-Add OffHelper System
-Fix Effect.txt equiped.
-Add MonsterReward > Custom/CustomMonster.xml
-Add Ruud System.
-Add MuunSystem > Item/MuunOption.txt
-Add MuunSystem > Common.dat <MuunDurabilityRate>
-Add DropInventory > EventItemBagManager.txt

Update 16:
-Add MuunInvtory Options
-Fix Party10 Elf Buff.
-Delete PartyLeader MSG.
-Fix ItemAcc GS.
-Add Swim On Map <ID 129>
-Fix RuudShop <UP15 error>
-DowngradeSelectCharS3 <Enable,Disable> Select Char S3 Downgrade
-KG_InventoryRuudCoin_Enable <Enable,Disable> RuudCoin on Inventory
-Custom/NewMaps.txt Add Customs Maps.
-KG_ViewMountPetOnSafeZone <Enable, Disable> View Mount On SafeZone
-Add DuelBet System
-Delete PartyLeader Log MSG.
-Add PostType(Command.dat) (8) > Global Post Kosh[POST][Sub-SVCODE]:message
-Add GvG Event.
-Update Item.xml New Options Block.
-Order and Fixes.
-Changing files to XML (80%)
-Fix Problem starting the offhelper.
-Fix NewShop BuyItem.
-Fix LuckyWheel error turning
-Add Max_Map 150

Season 6.3 (Upgrade)

Season 6.3 (Classic)

Season 6.3 (Downgrade)

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